The First Sip

Mmmm....the first sip.

There is nothing quite like the first sip of hot coffee on a cool autumn morning (or blustery winter, clear spring or sultry summer one either, for that matter). I look forward to that first sip as I carry one baby and then another down the stairs, usually between 6 and 7 in the morning. That first cup is what compells me to so swiftly change 2 diapers, scramble 3 eggs (2 for my husband, 1 for the eldest baby) and toast 4 slices of bread (I'm sure you don't care for whom). At the end of my early morning labors, there it sits for me. Waiting patiently. Beckoning softly, it's rich scent wafting through the house. I go to it and caress it's white, shiny (dirty) handle. And then I pull it towards me and....well, it's starting to sound like I might have an inappropriate relationship with my coffee maker, but I assure you, it's purely platonic.

Like the first sip of coffee, this 'blog' (a word in which I never much cared for. It is a funny little round word that somehow seems far more fit for a teenager than a woman in her 30's) is my 'first sip' into the world of internet journaling. I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed parlaing my thoughts into this initial entry, however, it would be a flat out lie. As I write I have a cup of lukewarm coffee at my side. On the other, I have a 16 month old who is doing everything within his power to convey that he is dissatisfied with his living conditions with the confines of his Pack-N-Play. He has 25 fun little toys to play with (I even through in a pan for added excitement), I've stocked his supply of Juicy Juice & graham crackers and have threatened numerous times to send him back up for a 'nappy-nu' (I know, empty threats are ineffective). ALL I WANT IS 5 MINUTES OF PEACE, I tell him, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK????

Apparently so.

Noah's Ark and all of it's Little Animals have sailed through the air and scattered out over the kitchen floor.

(Note to self: Work on blog only after giving this child the remaining Tylenol with Codine leftover from his May surgery.)

I will update this blog as I am able and as the home in which I manage, permits. I suspect there will be entries in which I share the simple stuff of my day and those that carry the deeper ponderings of my heart. The joy of this form of communication is that you can stop by whenever (if ever!) you desire. If you do, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and join me! Your thoughts are always welcomed within the virtuals walls of my little Coffee Cottage!


Ashley said…
Hello from Matt! I like the blog - Ashley had to explain to me what it meant to "stay for a spell" I thought you were putting a spell on me. Ha! I wish I could take care of those munchkins for you this morning! Ash says (as she goes round and round on her squeeky elliptical) its "the prettiest blog she has ever seen".

The Watsons
oh Jeane! i am just filled with delight as i read your, i mean journaling! i don't like the word "blog" either. such an ugly word i think. well, WELCOME to this fun world. i also like it because you can just write whenever you have time, i often am working on one entry all week long. i had wild visions about posting everyday, but i have now come back to reality and post weekly, (if that!) I just love checking my fellow friends online and getting a little peek into their lives, much better then looking inside their medicine cabinets i might add. I just love you to bits!!
Diona said…
Hey there,
I just don't see how in the world you do all that you do in one day. You are incredible!
You have all those diapers to change yet you still find time to do your journaling.
I'll bet you could ever leap tall buildings and all the other stuff that Super Man does. I can't even remember what else he can do but I'm willing to bet you would run circles around him.

Maybe Haley and I will walk down and visit for a spell.
Charis said…
Jeane! I am sitting watching the only real Parent Trap - me and my dog- contemplating what it would be like to wear skirts everyday and having music out of the air accompany our actions and exclamations. And I believe now I will start using the word 'lousy' when describing something that stinks! Ahh...good movies do improve the spirits don't they? have a good night!
Love, Charis
Deva said…
Oh my goodness!!! I want a blog too, I also do not like that word either. It reminds of mud or something that is dark and black that probably has a nasty smell to it. Anyway, I want to journal too!!!! I have a myspace but I can't remember the name it is under, anyway myspace seems so teenagery (is that a word?)

I loved reading about your morning, believe you me them babies will be grown before you know it so enjoy every minute of every little thing they do. Brandon will be 20 in February and Devan turned 16 in September, they grow up too fast!!!

I would love to see some pictures of the family (when you get time to post them). Whose front porch and rocking chairs are those? Have a good day, from your friend in SC.

I Love you,

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