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I'm sitting here on the couch, nibbling on whole wheat pb& j toast, hearing neighbors across the street gossiping, again, about Jon and Kate. Since we live in the same county, it seems that everyone takes claim to knowing someone who works for, used to work for, flirts with, serves drinks to, lives close to or once was a nurse for this family whose battles are waging in a most public way, showcased and packaged daily courtesy of tabloids and talk shows. I've been guilty of being a participator to some degree, and I feel bad about that. Their show is not included in our very limited, senior citizen-basic cable package...and that is fine by me. My baby/toddler/pregnancy reality is enough entertainment for me. Besides, I think it would be rather sad to watch a family disintegrate before your very eyes. Very sad indeed. And last I heard, God did not leave us as the judge or jury on their-or any couple's-marriage. Only He know the nitty gritty, ugly and truthful motives of our hearts. Thank goodness for that! It leaves us free to move on and live our own lives! (now if only we would).

And so I turn on my comforting and cooling oscillating fan to the highest setting, grab the secon
d peice of toast and keep writing.


We have had many inquiries, with each announcement of the subsequent pregnancy, along the lines of "so, I guess you'll be moving". It's a normal, American assumption to make. Completely and utterly understandable.

More children = the need for more space.

This is the way we all think, and it makes sense. For us, however, we have not felt the urgency to move. God has lead our family down our path so perfectly, and so knowingly, that we are neither worried or frantically fumbling to find provisions that He has already provided to us.

I'm not saying that we aren't open to moving. We are. But we are also open to staying.

Thoughts of homes in most parts of the world come to mind often, whenever the pressure to move seems heightened:

We have it made in the shade!!!!

Our children are loved and well cared for...there is food on our table..we have health insurance with great doctors readily available to us...our grocery stores are plentiful, each with thousands of choices stocked 10 or more items deep...clean drinking water...water enough for baths every night if we so desired...beds to sleep in...a sturdy roof over our head...electricity...vaccinations..

You get my point.

I am just so incredibly thankful for what we have been given, and for the neighbors who have enriched my life on the street in which we live. And while more space would be nice, it is not absolutely neccessary.

God will continue to provide what we need when we need it. We've repeatedly witnessed this truth in our lives in extremely specific way's.

It really is that simple. I,with my control and command "issues", am the one who can sometimes make it complicated.

And so my answer to the ever increasing questions of if/when/where we are moving is: We'll see. We haven't received "the nod" yet. If and when we do, we will follow! In either case, it is in our best interest to seek out gratitude and contentment...big or small, a house is a house...but a home is an shelter that is constructed by the love between the people who live within it. That is what really matters. Just ask Jon and Kate.

PS. Another frequently asked question is: Are you finding out the genders of the twins?

The answer is: No, we do not plan to. I know it drives all of the "planners" in my life absolutely crazy and I can understand why. It's just that I love suprises, have rarely experienced any (not because I seek to reveal just somehow happens!) and for my husband and I, these births have been such wonderful, suspenseful Christmas in July (or whatever month the birth occured!). Twins..and the various me, that's the ultimate surprise!

**One last side note...I recently privatized my blog, perhaps over-reacting just a hair (I Over reacting?! Never!). Due to the various complaints (ha!), I have found ways to adjust security and am putting it back 'on the open market' so to speak. I will not be using proper names, etc, and would appreciate it if, when leaving a comment, you would refrain from using them too! Thanks a million, my friend, for putting up with this hormonal blogger!


Jen said…
Thanks for sharing your musings over Jon & Kate (I feel the same way - even though I must admit, I'm included in the obsessed with the drama crowd), and the abundant bounty of needs we are supplied with everyday. All your babies need are food, shelter & LOVE!
"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one BLESSING after another." John 1:16
Love you dear...
You made me start craving a PB&J.
Wanda said…
Oh, dear! I just adore your blog! Thanks for sharing! You're on my heart!

Love, Wanda
Thankfully God gave you the gift of writing. The gift of being able to express your heart and your thoughts, and once again I am able to learn from you, and to keep in perspective what truly matters the most. How easy to forget the real important aspects of life. Well done!
teresa hamilton said…
Thank you for adding me so I can read your blogs! I was sad... now because of your friends who beg for me.... I'm happy again!
Deva said…
Well said Hot Mama!!!
vickie said…
morning cup cake. Think I am going to cancel leather sofa, and go with an outdoor lounger... Hahahah You are right. We have been so very blessed with all the important things in life...I love the picture of family on your blog..PB/J sure brings back memories of the boys... Kiss all for me. v.
The Pook said…
You're right on about the way we feel a need to keep expanding and buying more things and all that. Thanks for your perspective. After seeing Ethiopia, you realize we'll never have any idea what it is to really be in need. I love your heart!
Rebecca said…
Hooray!!! So glad to be able to view your blog again! Thanks for switching it. It's funny, isn't it? How people (it seems like everyone) sees "needs" that we don't really think of til they suggest it. I admire your take on your house & home. And honestly, children at our children's ages don't care in the slightest. My children miss our vagabond days (March & April) of all sleeping in the same bed, or at least the same room. :o) And, yes, I occasionally watch J&K, and it IS sad to see that happen. Thanks again for bringing back one of my favorite blogs to me!
Darlene Ahlberg said…
After reading your blog, a quote came to mind that I used to think of while in our first, small home: "Love grows best in a small house". Not sure where it comes from, but after buying our 2nd (and much bigger) home, I remember feeling strangely secluded & lonely because we had all this space and I wasn't so acutely aware of everyone's presence like in the small house.
Please keep blogging when time permits. Your posts are a joy to read!!

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