High Lights!

Good Morning!

I hope your little Christmas was merry and bright. Or maybe circumstances weren't condusive for 'merriment', and if that was the case, I hope you felt the deep seated peace that God gives.

For me, Christmas includes the several days before hand and then, of course, the day of. I'd love to share with you a few of 'highs' during this time:

First Annual Miller Family Gingerbread Gentlemen & Ladies Cookie Party

Yes, this was my idea--suprise! suprise! A special element to our family is that we have a wide spectrum of ages represented, or at least two ends of a totem pole. The eldest is 13 and then a 12 year gap to our 1 year old little son and an even younger gal! So, this "Cookie Party" was mainly for the eldest. And myself!

I had visions of Christmas music floating softly in the background whilst the family merrily hummed along, contentedly playing with icing, cleverly cutting out edibly little gentlemen and generally contributing to the intense Christmas spirit that pervades our home this time of year.

I should know by now that visions not neccessarily meant to be fulfilled!!! :) (Note screeching child below. In retrospect, he was given far, far too many M&M's to keep him happy. They were a temporary solution for what he really needed. Which was-BED!)

Rick-the 13 year old-found a computer application that creates a very realistic (and loud) replication of what happens when one eats to many beans or broccoli. This is music to a teenage boy's ears & he thought it would be just too funny to go out in the kitchen (we decorated our cookies in the dining room) intermitantly and 'play' this particular sound effect for our listening delight.

So there we sat, rolling dough to-not the sounds of Nat King Cole and Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire-no, rather, the sounds of computerized flatulating. After a short (very short) time, though, the Christmas music resumed. I still love Amy Grant's original "Tennesse Christmas" album and that is what we were listening to. (Boy does that ever date me. Album? Who says that any more???)

Having a teenager under our roof adds all the spice we could want...and more! (And I love it!)

Little Boy's and their Hero's

I never take for granted that my children have an earthly father in their lives who loves them so deeply and who they, in turn, absolutely adore. (Even if one of them has suddenly started calling him by his first name, as our little one year old has started doing. Hmmm....). Here is a picture I took while waiting for Rick to come out of school. He found one of Curt's baseball caps and was wearing it all day and fell asleep with it on.

I have a good friend coming over in a few minutes and my hair is still up in a towel and I hardly look human. I have a few more little "High Lights" to share with you, so I'll see you back here another time!


Charis said…
I'm so glad to see your delight with my humble gifts =: ) I'm also much amused by Rick's thoughtful music sharing...it's delightful to see what unhindered boy-ness can produce.

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