Keeping Coffee Hot & Perspective Strong.

'Twas the days after Christmas, 
and all through the house,
everything was losing it's pre-holiday swagger

The angel was awkwardly angled on 
her brown, prickly perch.

Mary was so weary 
she fell forward in a sleep-induced lurch.

With most of our members stricken with croup,
 we were all a tad grumpy and ready to fly the coop.

Yet we lined up the reasons for which to give thanks,
and watched some old movies starring Allen and Hanks.

In keeping perspective, she reached for a blend so bold,
and remembered again this is just a silly old cold!
Grace is always available to grab on the go,
and when the coffee is scare,
we thank God for Costco!

In my pitiful and very early-elementary ability to rhyme,
and with time as I stay put in a home with heat, and little bodies that are warding off a mere cough (how many parents would love that this where all their child had to fight off!), I wish you a few good days of peace and reflection as the new year steps up to the door and is poised to knock. We don't know what it will hold, but we can prepare ourselves to answer. 

Love to you!


I am most impressed with yet another one of your skills...poetry. Who would have thought that you would have that gift also. But, mostly, I am a bit amazed at your strong, somewhat positive perspective in the midst of your housebound hours and sick little ones. I always like my visits here to the Coffee Cottage, including the post about the "feeling pretty".
Anna Urquhart said…
Loved the pictures, loved the rhyme. Like your angel, we had a star that sat askew for weeks til we finally put it and our tree out of its misery, the nativity scene never made it out of its box, and 3 of the 5 of us were sick over Christmas as well. Coffee, yes. And large dollops of "This will not last forever" and "My grace is sufficient" stirred in. Thanks, Jeane.

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